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Whether you’re seeking burial or cremation support for the fallen individual, a quality funeral home and cremation establishment in Corvallis, OR will be able to help. At AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home, our dedicated service professionals hold themselves to the highest standards of excellence. Let us serve your family in their hour of need. Find us at 805 Ellsworth St SW, Albany, OR 97321. Call for immediate help and information at (541) 926-5541.

We have 50 years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Our purpose is to guide, direct, and relieve you of the many details of this difficult and sometimes confusing process.

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When death takes a loved one, it can leave a wake of emotional heartache and grief. They say time heals all things, but the scars still remain for many families and friends who must adjust to life without the person in it. But long before healing can occur, families must plan and bury the deceased. That’s where a trusted funeral home and cremation provider in Corvallis, OR can be a pillar of support in a difficult time. But who should you rely on for help?

In your family’s loss and time of need, finding a funeral home that will care for and respect your loved one in death as much as you did in life is important. With a little thoughtful research, you’ll be able to locate the right care provider. To help you in your due diligence, take time to evaluate the following details:


  • Pricing: All funeral homes are mandated to publish a general price list for the public to view upon request and visit. This transparency allows customers to compare the cost of services across area funeral care providers, and to choose one that is competitively priced. Many firms are better priced in some services than others, depending on their expertise and specialties. This is completely normal. You can use these details to help you identify which firm is more cost favorable to your needs.
  • Services: Not every funeral firm is capable or equipped to provide all potential service requests by the public. Some firms try to cover as wide a swath of funeral care styles as possible in order to maximize their business offering and income. Others niche down into subspecialty care, such as only performing cremation services. When you’re looking for a care provider, be sure to inquire about their services provided before committing to hiring them for support.  
  • Experience: Like all professional undertakings, excellence takes time to learn through good training and hands-on experience. Younger funeral directors are very capable at what they do, especially when mentored by others with more diverse experience in funeral and memorial care. If you have less common cultural or religious traditions you wish to observe as part of funeral services, you may want to locate a funeral home with the experience to properly handle the practices you wish carried out.  
  • Funeral Home Venue: Families that intend to hold service at the funeral home should take time to review the funeral home venue before they sign on the dotted line. Are there enough seats to hold everyone who will likely attend the service? Does the funeral home have the appropriate theme and décor to match the character and personality of the deceased? Is there technological support for webcast services and audio-video displays? Will a kitchen and hospitality area be needed for a family luncheon after the funeral? 
  • Location: The venue should be relatively central to the local community of mourners that will come to the services. Make sure there is sufficient parking for all who will come, and that access is friendly for all. When possible, the proximity of the venue to the family member responsible to work with the funeral home and cremation provider in Corvallis, OR is also ideal. 
  • Personalization: Modern families are looking for more than just a rote ceremony for their fallen loved ones. They want to send their loved ones off in a meaningful, personal way. All major life markers tend to be unique to the person for whom they are held. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, baby showers, etc. They are created specifically for the person. In like manner, funerals have become much more personalized. It helps those who grieve to focus their grief on the life of the fallen, and not on the proceedings. 
  • Compatibility: Working with a funeral director on commemorative service for a deceased loved one requires compatibility. If you discover during your search for a funeral home that you don’t mesh well with the professionals who represent the firm, it’s likely that you’ll encounter trouble over the course of the time you spend planning and carrying out the funeral or memorial. Do yourself a favor and avoid this scenario. When you visit and interview each funeral professional, ask yourself: Do you feel they have your best interests at heart? Are they listening to you attentively? Do they show they care about your needs?  

Funeral and Cremation FAQs

Why are funerals so expensive?

When compared to other major life events like births and weddings, funerals are not expensive. A wedding costs at least three times as much; but because it is a happy event, wedding costs are rarely criticized. A funeral home is a 24-hour, labor-intensive business, with extensive facilities (viewing rooms, chapels, limousines, hearses, etc.), these expenses must be factored into the cost of a funeral.

Should I choose Burial or Cremation?

Burial in a casket is the most common method of disposing of remains in the United States, although entombment also occurs. Cremation is increasingly selected because it can be less expensive and allows for the memorial service to be held at a more convenient time in the future when relatives and friends can come together.

A funeral service followed by cremation need not be any different from a funeral service followed by a burial. Usually, cremated remains are placed in an urn before being committed to a final resting place. The urn may be buried, placed in an indoor or outdoor mausoleum or columbarium, or interred in a special urn garden that many cemeteries provide for cremated remains. The remains may also be scattered, according to state law.

Why have a public viewing?

Viewing is a part of many cultural and ethnic traditions. Many grief specialists believe that viewing aids the grief process by helping the bereaved recognize the reality of death. Viewing is encouraged for children, as long as the process is explained and the activity is voluntary. Read more.  

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