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Diana Montgomery

August 23, 1953 ~ April 4, 2019 (age 65)
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She was born on Aug. 23rd, 1953 in Bloomfield, New Jersey.  It’s not her fault; her parents lived there.  A Jersey Girl who hated Jersey!  Except for the tomatoes.  Tomato sandwiches, salads, soups, sauces, all tomatoes and good!  She later discovered that tomatoes are grown everywhere! 

She was quiet and shy in her younger years, but how the years changed a girl.  She found a great escape in the Navy!  She loved the Navy!  It gave her direction and a purpose.  

The Navy helped her with her OCD.  Years of fixating on order.  To add to her OCD’ism, she found love with 3-Square-Folding… clothes with creases and hung the same direction, everything has its place and spring cleaning every other week, etc., etc., etc.  She became a Corpsman where order and consistency are important and the OCD continued.  Happily ever after, she married and he fit well for a while.  But, it didn’t last.  Lesson learned.  Life experience.  And, then she became her own person.

Her OCD also worked in the Emergency Department where she honed her skills, saved lives and enjoyed her talents as a way of serving people and saving lives.  She met lots of people…  She was an emergency Department Technician and Phlebotomist.  And, she loved the excitement and the accomplishment of treating emergencies.  She loved the foresight it required to be prepared for any need that walked through the door.  Quite the “Girl Scout”!  Her Mom said, “Whatever you do in life, do it well.  Give it 100%!” and Diana always lived by this teaching.

Diana later became interested in sewing, painting, and carpentry.  One of her favorite Christmas presents was a set of cordless power tools.  If you wanted to keep her busy all you had to do was give her a can of paint and a brush. 

Diana was a very giving person and loved giving gifts to EVERYBODY she knew.

“Over the years, I have had many friends that have made my life full of love and caring and I tried to return in kind.   We are not able to choose our families, but I was lucky in my choice of friends.”

“One special man I met in 1990 was gentle and kind, but I thought I was too much trouble for him.  I told him to run!  But, he wouldn’t.  The poor man I speak of is Guy.  It was her luck to have him for all these years… and his bad luck!  He tried to give her the Sun, the Moon and the Stars and never asked for much in return.  I’ll be forever grateful and humbled by his love.”

“I want to thank all my friends through the years for all the Journeys we have traveled through.  My choice to leave was my own… in order not to suffer long and have my friends watch my health deteriorate.  I wish that all people not suffer.  So, forgive me for leaving, but I thank you all.”

“For the years and memories; and for all my dogs that I have loved and have loved me, I thank them.  They led me to meet good people; to give love, get love and they helped me live a good life.  I wish I could have spoken to each of my dogs individually before exiting stage right.  And to explain to Beau and Brodie why I can’t be there anymore.  And for this, I’m sad.”

“I do wish for my friends to watch over the dogs and Guy.  Please make sure that Guy and the dogs continue to see you and receive your love after I’m gone.  Continue giving them food, water, and treats.  Guy and the dogs, that is.  Hahaha!  Please let them know they are loved!”

Diana is survived by her life partner Guy Holly of Corvallis, Oregon and her dogs Brodie and Beauregard.

A celebration of life will be held April 27th at 2:00 PM at the Meadow Park clubhouse in Corvallis.

In lieu of flowers please send contributions to Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon or Safehaven.

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